Trump Stands by Remarks on El Paso Border Security After Fact Checks, Rebuke from Mayor: They’re ‘Full of Crap’


President Donald Trump in his State of the Union address help up El Paso, Texas as an example of how a border barrier (in this case, a fence) can reduce crime. After the address, the Mayor of El Paso, Republican Dee Margo, contradicted the President.

In his rally from the city on Monday night, Trump struck back, saying the mayor, and fact-checking websites, are “full of crap.”

“I’ve been hearing a lot of things, ‘Oh, the wall didn’t make that much of a difference.’ Do you know where it made a big difference? Right here in El Paso,” Trump told the boisterous crowd, to even more cheers and applause.

“And I’ve been watching where they’ve been trying to say ‘oh, the wall didn’t make that much’,” he said, obviously referring to both the mayor and the media. Trump said he’s spoken to people who have been in the city a long time and they tell him “when that wall went up, it’s a whole different ball game.”

“And I don’t care whether a mayor is a Republican or a Democrat, they’re full of crap when they say it hasn’t made a big difference,” Trump said.

That Republican mayor wrote an op-ed for USA Today on Sunday in which he said a wall isn’t needed to replace the fence, and gave credit to the law enforcement and sense of community on both sides of that fence for the safety of the community.

“I heard the same thing from the fake news,” Trump continued at Monday night’s rally. “They said ‘oh, crime actually stayed the same.’ Didn’t stay the same. Went way down.”

Here Trump was referring to the media’s fact-checks. Particularly widely cited was Politifact‘s, which rated Trump’s claims about El Paso as “False.” Among their conclusions were that “crime data shows that El Paso has not been one of the most dangerous cities in the nation,” contrary to Trump’s claim, and that crime in the community did not drop upon the building of fencing in the late 2000s.

“These people, you know you’d think they’d want to get to the bottom of a problem and solve a problem. Not try and pull the wool over everybody’s eyes,” said Trump. “So for those few people that are out there on television, saying ‘oh, it didn’t make too much of a difference.’ It made a tremendous — people from El Paso, am I right?”

The rally-goers enthusiastically agreed with the President, who continued, saying “it’s fake news. I’m telling you. It’s just fake news.”

“And you know what? You wouldn’t even have to know. You can say that automatically without even knowing. It’s like, it’s obvious. It’s common sense.” he added. “Just a few thousand feet, as an example from where we stand right now on the other side of the border, it’s one of the most dangerous cities in the world, Juarez, Mexico.”

In his op-ed, El Paso Mayor Margo said that “it is our community’s investment in our public safety and the dedication of our law enforcement agencies that continue to keep us safe.” They mayor also cited business cooperation with Juarez. “The cross-border commerce between our states is as important as the cross-border community,” he wrote. “Today, dozens of Fortune 500 companies reside in Juarez, the Mexican city on the other side of our border fence.”

“Thanks to a powerful border wall in El Paso, Texas, it’s one of America’s safest cities now,” Trump said once more.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of FOX News Channel.

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