Tucker Carlson Condemns GOP Calls for Venezuela Intervention: Seem to Care More About Venezuela Than the US


Fox News host Tucker Carlson condemned Republican Senator Rick Scott for calling for intervention in Venezuela, as he suggested it was not worth losing American lives over and warned that if the U.S. does get involved it could lean to Venezuelan refugees migrating to the U.S.

“Will the overthrow of Maduro make Venezuela a more stable and prosperous country? More to the point, would it be good for the United States?” Carlson asked while responding to the news of today’s regime uprising in the South American country. “Lots of people claimed to know the answer to that but they don’t, they have no idea.”

“If recent history is any guide, nothing will turn out as expected, few things ever do with that has not stopped the geniuses in Washington — it has not even slowed them down,” he continued. “This afternoon, on a bipartisan basis, they agreed that the United States should jump immediately face first into the Venezuelan mass.”

Carlson went on to play a Fox News segment with Senator Scott in which the GOP lawmaker argued that intervention if needed if America cares “about the human race and our fellow world citizens, then we have to step up and stop this genocide.”

This quote set off a lengthy Carlson tirade attacking hawks in Washington:

“If you don’t care about families, if you despise human happiness, and support genocide then you want to join Satan’s team and embrace isolationism, the single worst of all worldviews. That is what they’re telling you… But before the bombers take off let’s just answer a few quick questions starting with the most obvious, when was the last time we successfully meddled in the political life of another country? Has it ever worked? How are those democracies we set up in Iraq and Libya and Syria and Afghanistan?”

Carlson also called out lawmakers for hurting America’s “struggling middle class” by imposing sanctions on Venezuela that increased gas prices and suggested lawmakers only want to invade the country so “lawmakers can feel like good people.”

“If they are indeed good people why do they seem to care more about Venezuela than they do this country — the one they run,” he added.

The host then brought on Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL) to debate the topic, who warned Carlson that America’s real national security issue in the country is the influence that the Chinese and Russians have built in Venezuela in light of the conflict.

“Does intervening help the situation and does it help United States?” Carlson replied, before asking the lawmaker why exactly Russia and China’s control in the region is a major concern to the U.S.

Diaz-Balart replied by saying the conflict could result in an “open door for Russia” to impact America’s geopolitical space.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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