Tucker Carlson Goes After Cardi B and ‘WAP’: ‘What Is This Doing to Our Kids?’


Fox News’ Tucker Carlson took a few minutes Tuesday night to go off on “WAP,” the new song from Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion.

“WAP,” for the few of you who haven’t heard about the song yet, is an acronym for “wet-ass pussy.”

Carlson made a point of telling viewers he doesn’t generally talk about pop culture on the show but had to make an exception for this song.

“We can’t tell you what it stands for. We literally can’t tell you what the name of the song is, much less its lyrics,” he said, before encouraging viewers to look at the lyrics online and playing a video of Cardi B that he described as her “explaining to women how they can become more useful sex objects.”

After showing that video (which had to be bleeped quite a bit), Carlson said, “That’s garbage. You don’t need to be a puritan to think so. It’s garbage. It’s aimed at young American girls — maybe your girls, your granddaughters and what is it doing to them? Can you imagine what it’s doing to them?”

“People are getting rich pushing that crap on the country, and they should be ashamed of themselves, but they’re not ashamed of themselves.”

Carlson went on to slam Joe Biden for his recent interview with Cardi B and said, “We’re not being prudish here This is not James Brown being sexually suggestive on stage. Go online right now and look up the lyrics to this song. And then ask yourself if you were Joe Biden, would you suck up to the person who sang it and ask yourself above all, and ask it more than once, what is this doing to our kids? The people pushing it clearly are trying to hurt your children. Why is nobody pushing back?”

You can watch the segment above, via Fox News, and here’s the music video for “WAP” below:

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