Twitter Ridicules Fox & Friends Cheeseburger Emoji Coverage After Manafort News


Arguably the biggest political news story of the past 12 months is Russia’s interference into the 2016 General Election and the investigation into whether the Trump Campaign knowingly colluded with those efforts.

Today was an enormous news day in that story, as Special Counsel Robert Mueller arrested former Trump Campaign Chair Paul Manafort in 12 counts that included money laundering, failure to register as a foreign agent and conspiring against the United States.

The political and legal impact of this story remains unclear, but what is clear is that this a huge story with enormous implications in how the Russian collusion narrative will evolve. It earned nearly wall to wall coverage on all cable news outlets, with one notable exception: Fox & Friends, who found time to run a fun news package that focused on cheese placement on a Google hamburger emoji.

Predictably many on Twitter had a field day with this editorial deciison, which we’ve curated below for your reading pleasure:


Every morning show offers their own calculus of hard news and lighter fare, and to be fair, Google’s cheeseburger emoji is perfect fodder for a show like Fox & Friends. That said, the timing of focusing on where the cheese lays in an emoji during a big news event like Manfort’s surrender is reasonably seen as ridiculous by many, and ridicule they did.

Watch the segment above courtesy of Fox News.

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