Was It Fair for Arsenio to Mock These Jeopardy! Contestants About Black History Month?

During his monologue Wednesday night, late-night host and Brian Williams apologizee Arsenio Hall had some fun at the expense of three Jeopardy! contestants, showing the audience the various categories that were on offer during the “Double Jeopardy” round. Along with the “Weather Verbs” and “Talk Nerdy To Me” categories was “African-American History Month,” way at the end.

Hall, who also accepted an apology from Brian Williams forĀ excluding him from an NBC report on the late night wars last night, then showed his audience what that Jeopardy! board looked like a few minutes later. Check it out:

Okay, that is a little bit messed up, especially since the category was already stuck over on the end there, but really, if there had been three black Jeopardy! contestants, do you think any of them would have chosen White History Month as a category? No, because there is no White History Month! What’s up with that? Besides, the other categories had “cakewalk” written all over them. How many weather verbs can there possibly be? Raining, pouring, snoring?

In any case, it only seems fair to show how these three did once they got to the category. Here’s what Arsenio didn’t show you:

See? Three out of five ain’t bad, even if the MLK question was a gimme, and one of the ones they got wrong had that bonus non-black “Ocean State” clue thrown in there. On the other hand, there are probably lots of people who live in Rhode Island who don’t know Rhode Island is a state.

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