WATCH: Bill Maher Devotes Last ‘New Rules’ Segment of 2020 to Telling Viewers Not to Be Mean To Trump Fans

Late night host and political pundit Bill Maher closed his final episode of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher in 2020 by telling viewers not to be mean or gloat with supporters of President Donald Trump.

Maher took a pretty long walk to get to his closing message, taking a slow walk through the misadventures of Dr. William Miller and his followers, then the more recent NXIVM cult that was featured in the Netflix show The Vow, both of which were presented as analogous to Trump and his followers.

He then got around to talking about the despondency of Trump fans and adherents of Q, and said “What now? Opportunity. To lift the scales from their eyes.”

“But it’s not going to happen if you’re mocking them or calling them stupid or making smart remarks like ‘If Kamala Harris really is a lizard person, why didn’t she eat that fly on Mike Pence’s head?” Maher joked. “Don’t do that. I’m saying don’t do that.”

“Rather, if you have Trump relatives over for Thanksgiving, understand that they have been through a traumatic event,” he continued. “Their savior, their strongest smartest manliest hunk of a leader who ever lived just got his ass kicked by the 2,000 year-old man. So don’t gloat, don’t even try to argue, because arguing with cult people only makes it worse.”

Watch above via HBO.

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