WATCH: CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Asks if Dems Will Consider Throwing U.S. Attorney General in Jail


Anchor Wolf Blitzer asked Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) whether Democrats might consider tossing the Attorney General of the United States William Barr in the slammer if he doesn’t comply with subpoenas. Jeffries, sanely, said no one is seriously considering that step.

In the interview, Jeffries told Blitzer that the committee is considering holding Barr in contempt of Congress, and that Democrats have to “make sure we do not allow this administration to move us away from our democratic republic and to speed toward a dictatorship because we have an individual sitting at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue who clearly has some authoritarian tendencies.”

Blitzer then asked if the Attorney General might go to jail for it. He was not the first reporter today to ask about putting the Attorney General of the United States behind bars over a contempt charge, amazingly.

“If Nadler moves forward and your leadership moves forward with contempt, and they still refuse to comply, what do you do next, how do you get this thing moving?” asked Blitzer. “Do you impose fines, do you suggest maybe even as some have said jail time for the Attorney General of the United States?”

“Jail time is not something that I believe is being seriously contemplated,” said Jeffries, in what should have been the most obvious answer in history. Jeffries went on to say that even while this investigative battle continues, they are working with Republicans and the administration on other legislation and points of agreement that are the business of government.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of CNN.

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