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It Was All a Dream in This Leaked Breaking Bad Alternate Ending

WARNING: Breaking Bad spoilers below.

At the height of Breaking Bad speculation-fever, when the series was entering its final eight episodes, one of the favorite joke theories to make the rounds was the idea that Walter White would escape into the witness protection program and get a new name: Hal. We would find out that all along Breaking Bad was just an elaborate set-up for Malcolm in the Middle.

Now, thanks to a leaked video extra from the upcoming Breaking Bad: The Complete Series box set, we get a glimpse at what that version of the show’s finale might have looked like. But instead of White disappearing into a new identity, we get Bryan Cranston and former TV wife Jane Kaczmarek in bed together after Hal has had a particularly harrowing dream. Basically, it’s the Newhart version of the Breaking Bad finale.

In the video, Hal wakes up and starts describing his terrifying dream about being a meth dealer, which included a guy who never spoke and only rang a bell, a DEA agent who “looked like the guy from The Shield” and a “man child” who “used the b-word a lot.” The only thing that made sense to him is that he “still walked around in my underwear.”

Watch the whole thing and you’ll never hear the line “I’m the one who knocks” the same way again:

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