Watch Joe Scarborough Mock the Fast Talking Style of ‘Auctioneer’ Rep. Doug Collins


Joe Scarborough showed off his fast-talking auctioneering skills Thursday morning while mocking the fast-talking style of Rep. Doug Collins during Wednesday’s impeachment hearings.

The Morning Joe co-host labeled the House Judiciary Committee’s ranking member the “auctioneer,” before showing off an impressive 15-second stream of consciousness riff that got into the Georgia official’s proclivity to speak at a remarkably fast pace. Scarborough’s uniquely entertaining bit landed on “Sold to the sucker in TVLAND that actually thinks because I talk a little faster I must be saying something that makes sense.”

That was the fun part, however, as what followed was less fun-spirited and more damning toward Collins’s performance in Wednesday’s hearings.

Producers then aired a clip Collins suggesting that there was no way to understand what the founding fathers would think about impeachment. “This just keeps getting more amazing. I think we just put in the jury pool the Founding Fathers and said what would they think?” Collins said during Wednesday’s hearings, adding “I don’t think we have any idea what they would think, in all due respect with that because of the different times, different things we’ve talked about.”

As fun as Scarborough auctioneering bit was, what followed didn’t work so well, as it sort of took the air out of the set. Coming out of the clip he pretended to be on a private phone call with Leonard Leo, EVP of Federalist Society, which is a conservative think tank dedicated to the framers of the Constitution.

“You know, original intent, organizational lists, originalists, they hear all about original intent, right?” Scarborough explained. “That is all they’re about. And now these Republican clowns are saying, well we can’t figure out — we have what the original intent is. Number one, when they’re not doing that, what are they doing? They’re quoting Vladimir Putin talking points.”

“This is the most desperate defense. Just throw whatever you want at the wall,” Scarborough finished.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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