WATCH: MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson Asks WH Spox SIX TIMES When Trump’s Last Negative Test Was, He Refuses to Answer


MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson asked White House Deputy Press Secretary Brian Morgenstern when President Donald Trump’s last negative coronavirus test six times on Friday — with no luck.

Jackson began by asking Morgenstern about Trump’s potential rally on Saturday, questioning if he will need to test negative before any official events.

Morgenstern noted that the president would not participate in a rally unless it was cleared by medical experts, adding that he has nothing to confirm or deny at the moment.

“Let’s talk about something else I know your communications office wanted to get back to us on, when was the president’s last negative test prior to his diagnosis?” Jackson then asked.

“So, we don’t have that but we’re looking at this from a public health perspective,” he said. “When there’s an indication of a positive test or symptoms showing, then you go back the 48 hours, you do your contact tracing.”

Unsatisfied with the answer, Jackson tried again.

“On the last negative test, you said you don’t have that,” she said. “You don’t know or you don’t want to say?”

Morgenstern repeated that he does not have that information, prompting Jackson to remind him that he said he would have an answer on Wednesday.

“Hallie, the president doesn’t check all of his HIPAA rights at the door when he becomes president,” Morgenstern replied. “The doctors obviously share information with the president. The president shares a great deal of information with the American public.”

Jackson pointed out that Morgenstern promised to share the results of the president’s PCR test and questioned what the difference is. Why is the White House being private about one test but not the other?

“I stated we’ll have further updates from the doctors,” Morgenstern said. “We’ve had updates from the doctors every single day. We’ve had numerous updates per day.”

Jackson noted that regardless of the updates, nobody has answered when the president’s last negative coronavirus test was — pressing Morgenstern when he claimed the administration has been transparent.

Morgenstern claimed that they are hiding the information for the benefit of the public, adding that the president has been socially distancing following his positive test.

“That’s not true! We’ve seen video of the president over the weekend!” Jackson exclaimed. “We have eyeballs.”

Jackson then tried asking Morgenstern about Trump’s last Covid test:

“Did the president at least comply with the Cleveland Clinic debate requirements to be negative tested in the 72 hours prior to that debate?” she asked.

Morgenstern then accused the host of being interested in going backward.

“I’m very focused on getting an answer to this question, Brian. I think a lot of people are,” Jackson shot back.

Morgenstern dodged the question yet again.

“For the last debate, the 72 -hour requirement to test negative. Did the president comply with that? Yes or no?” Jackson asked again, without any luck.

“Do you not have an answer? I just want to be clear. I know, again, yes or no, do you have an answer and if you don’t just say you don’t have an answer,” Jackson asked for the sixth and last time.

“Let’s talk about how we want to help people get through this virus with more stimulus that the speaker seems to ignore,” Morgenstern said, trying desperately to change the subject. “She’s talking about the 25th Amendment because she couldn’t get the president with impeachment.”

“That is not the topic of this conversation, Brian, as you know,” Jackson said. “Again, critical piece of information. One of your colleagues just yesterday told me it was a fair question and you would try to give us the information on that. I was hoping you’d have that for us today. Certainly hope you’ll come back with that.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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