WATCH: OAN Correspondent Asks Kayleigh McEnany Whether DOJ Officials Are Investigating Obama


White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany concluded her press briefing on Tuesday by using a question from OAN’s Chanel Rion as a springboard to rip former president Barack Obama.

Throughout the coronavirus crisis, Rion has raised eyebrows with moments like suggesting Chinese food is racist and comparing pandemic deaths to abortions. These sort of comments come with the territory since One American News (also known as OAN) is a pro-Trump, pro-conspiracy theory network that was expelled from the briefing room by the White House Correspondents Association last month after receiving access directly from the White House – flouting the rotation policy implemented by the WHCA during the pandemic. OAN continues to receive its access directly from the White House — in what is considered a breach of journalistic ethics — with Rion relegated to the back corner of the room.

Since Trump has been leveling unspecified criminal accusations at Obama over the last few days, Rion (who was not wearing a protective mask) brought up the release of the House Intelligence Committee’s witness interview transcripts and asked McEnany “Is there any information you can share with us as to what the DOJ has shared with the White House on whether it is investigating Obama administration officials on this matter?”

McEnany said there were no updates on that front, but she took the opportunity to hammer numerous Obama figures for their statements throughout the investigation of whether the Trump campaign was connected to Russia’s pro-Trump 2016 election meddling.

So it brings the question to light: why then did we have many years of investigating collusion that these Obama administration officials never existed, they never saw any evidence of, but for three years the American people were dragged through the mud and told that their choice for the President of the United States might have been a Russian asset based on no evidence at all. This president was exonerated by the Mueller Report and there are some real questions for these individuals who were saying one thing publicly and another thing privately.

Watch above, via C-SPAN3.

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