Watch Rex Tillerson’s Hilarious Dodge When Asked If He Called Trump a ‘Moron’: ‘That’s a Really Old Question’


Secretary of State Rex Tillerson gave a rare interview to 60 Minutes last night, and was asked about reports he called President Donald Trump a “fucking moron” over the summer.

Tillerson’s contentious relationship with the boss has long been documented in the press, with a steady stream of reports coming out throughout the summer and fall of 2017 that hobbled relations between the two.

One of the most stunning was a report that Tillerson threatened to resign from his post in July, and that he called Trump a “fucking moron” during a meeting with administration officials at the Pentagon.

In response, Tillerson held a press conference in October, but, in a jaw-dropping turn of events, did not deny he called the president a moron.

Well Tillerson was again asked about Moron-gate in a wide ranging interview on 60 Minutes that aired Sunday night, and again gave an impressive non-answer, leading to this hilarious exchange:

“You know that’s a really old question,” Tillerson said, when CBS News White House correspondent Margaret Brennan asked why he never denied calling the president a moron.

Brennan pressed Tillerson that “by not answering the question, some people thought you were confirming the story.”

“I think I’ve answered the question,” Tillerson replied.

“You think you’ve answered the question,” Brennan shot back.

“I’ve answered the question,” Tillerson said.

“Did you call the president a moron?” Brennan asked again.

I’m not going to dignify the question,” Tillerson replied.

“We got so many bigger issues that we could be talking about. I’m not from this town. I understand this town likes to talk about a lot of things that are really not important.”

Watch above, via CBS News.

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