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WATCH: Trump Gives Tax Reform Speech in Missouri LIVE STREAM

President Donald Trump is heading to Missouri on Wednesday — fresh off a visit to Texas amidst Tropical Storm Harvey — to deliver a speech at 2:30 p.m. regarding his administration’s intentions to take on tax reform.

Trump has repeatedly expressed his desire to overhaul the U.S. tax system with an extensive reform effort, but in his sweeping proclamations has yet to offer much detail on the nuts and bolts of what such a reform would entail.

The president’s speech in Springfield is expected to officially kick off administration tax endeavors, which will likely entail cutting taxes and simplifying the tax code.

But those expecting a more thorough explanation of Trump’s tax plan beware: per the New York Times, “the president is expected to offer few specifics about the plan he is pitching, people briefed on his speech said.”

As with this White House’s ill-fated health care efforts, it “will be up to lawmakers in Congress to hash out the particulars of a complex and politically difficult bill.”

What’s more, as the Times notes, the president’s decision to hold his tax reform speech in Missouri is a politically charged one: the state is home to Senator Claire McCaskill, a Democrat Trump hopes to pressure ahead of her re-election bid in 2018 (the president even mentioned McCaskill in a recent tweet on tax reform).

Watch the live stream above, via the White House.

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