White House Press Sec. Stephanie Grisham Absolutely Roasts Scaramucci in First T.V. Interview


White House press secretary and communications director Stepahnie Grisham appeared for her first T.V. interview Wednesday night. It went down just after former communications director Anthony Scaramucci appeared on the same show to call the president of the United States “nuts.”

Sinclair’s Eric Bolling nabbed Grisham’s first interview since she took the impossible job of being Trump’s spokesperson in June. She followed Scaramucci on the show, who spent his interview explaining his turn on Trump, who he described as “mentally declining.”

“It’s nonsensical to me, honestly,” Grisham said in response to Scaramucci. “His feelings just seem to be hurt.”

Grisham added Scaramucci worked in the White House for just 11 days, noting that since “he’s been on T.V. a lot.”

She also pushed back on Scaramucci’s claim that Trump has “alienated” people in the White House: “[Scaramucci] seems to have all these people who are going to turn on the president but he can’t name who they are? I think that’s pretty important.”

“I’m sure we’re just going to see that he’s flat wrong.”

Bolling continued to press Grisham on Scaramucci’s comments, including the allegation that the president has gone crazy.

“He’s the president, his poll numbers are going through the roof, our economy is doing better than ever, he’s doing a great job, Anthony knows that and the country knows that,” Grisham said.

“He said his mental health is declining,” Bolling noted.

“That’s ridiculous,” Grisham shot back.

She went on to address Scaramucci’s ouster from the White House after a profane phone call with a reporter, and she suggested there were other reasons for his firing.

Watch above, via Sinclair.

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