Witness Kellyanne Conway Hold Her Most Futile Exchange Yet With a Reporter On The Definition of ‘Wall’


Senior Donald Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway got into a surreal exchange with CNN White House correspondent Abby Phillip in which Conway began by taking exception to Trump’s border wall being referred to as a “wall,” and ended with Conway insisting it was just fine to call the proposed barrier a wall.

During an impromptu gaggle on the White House driveway, Phillip began to ask Conway about yet another poll showing Americans don’t support Trump shutting down the government over the border wall.

“There’s a new poll out,” Phillip began, as Conway quickly cut her off.

“Do you have the poll?” Conway snapped.

“It’s a CBS poll,” Phillip began, as Conway cut her off again.

“I just want to see the question,” Conway said.

“The question was is the wall worth the government shutdown,” Phillip replied. The full question was “Do you think the issue of a border wall is worth the federal government shutdown, or not?”

“And so why would that be the question, why is that a good question?” Conway asked. “I’m asking you why you’re still saying wall when the president has said, I’m asking why you and the polling questions respectfully are still saying wall when the president said you can call it whatever you want. Call it steel slat barriers…”

“He calls it a wall as well, Kellyanne,” Phillip pointed out, adding “this morning, he said it as a new slogan when he called it a wall.”

Trump tweeted the slogan “BUILD A WALL & CRIME WILL FALL!” on three separate occasions Wednesday morning.

“Yes it’s a great slogan, build a wall and crime will fall, we know that’s true,” Conway said.

“So why can’t we call it a wall when he calls it a wall?” Phillip asked.

“Right, he calls it a wall, steel slat barrier, physical barrier, anything,” Conway said, then asked what Democrats called it when they “voted to renovate the existing wall.”

Maybe Conway should just rename the wall an “Alternative Fence,” and call it a day.

Watch the clip above, via C-SPAN.

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