‘You’re Trying to Spin it Every Chance You Get!’ Cuomo Slaps Schlapp on Russia Probe


Things got heated between CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Matt Schlapp Wednesday morning, as the two sparred over the investigation into President Donald Trump’s campaign ties to Russia.

Cuomo grilled Schlapp on reports that Trump, in a meeting with Russian dignitaries, called fired FBI director James Comey a “nutjob,” and said that relieving him eased the pressure from the Russia investigation.

“Boy oh boy, if President Obama had ever said that Matt Schlapp’s beard would hop off his face and run down the street,” Cuomo started. “How do you justify that kind of behavior from the President of the United States?”

Schlapp argued the firing of Comey was justified, but Cuomo pressed that he wasn’t addressing the question.

“He called him a nutjob to the Russians and said that the pressure is off him for Russian interference,” Cuomo continued. “How do you feel about that? Strong move?”

Schlapp countered that Trump was simply informing the Russians that there was nothing to the allegations of collusion.

“You think he needed to tell the Russians there’s nothing to the collusion? You think they don’t know exactly what happened?” Cuomo asked incredulously.

“They were having an honest conversation about how silly it all is!” Schlapp responded.

“It’s good to know that you believe that the president and the Russians were all on the same page about what happened,” Cuomo said. Cuomo then noted we don’t yet have any information, and that he was waiting for the results of an investigation.

“Well we’re all in that position,” said Schlapp.

“No you’re not, you’re trying to spin it every chance you get! I got this whole righty attack machine trying to twist everything that happens on this show,” Cuomo said.

“You ask me a tough question, I’m trying to give you an answer,” Schlapp pleaded.

“You answered it by saying ‘Obama dot dot dot,”

“But it’s true Obama dot dot dot!” Schlapp shouted back.

The two went back and forth, before Schlapp charged “no wonder the American people get tired of all of this.”

“I’m thinking you’re part of that reason right now my friend,” Cuomo shot back.

“Whatever,” Schlapp concluded, shaking his head.

Watch the fiery exchange above, via CNN.

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