CNN’s New Day Mocks Using Disaster Relief to Fund Wall: ‘Who’s Going to Pay for the Wall? Hurricane Victims!’

CNN’s New Day shared reporting that the Trump administration is looking into border wall funding from unused disaster relief funds that Congress approved for victims of national disasters in Puerto Rico, Florida, and California.

Hosts John Berman and Alisyn Camerota then mocked President Donald Trump’s famous campaign call and response to his “build that wall” base in which then-candidate Trump would ask “who’s going to pay for that wall?” Of course, his loyal supporters would yell in response, “Mexico!”

In this instance, Berman asked the same question, to which Camerota replied “hurricane victims!”

Federal disaster relief money for people who insist on rebuilding homes in fragile hurricane paths is an issue for another post, but its an odd flex for Trump to take money explicitly designed to help victims in one area to build a wall that doesn’t have a political consensus.

It would be rather stunning if somehow the Trump administration somehow got hurricane victims to pay for the wall, but this seemed to be a clear case of hyperbolic ridicule that one often finds on cable news morning show programming.

Watch above via CNN.

(Brad Perry provided additional reporting for this article.)

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