Dem Candidate Eric Swalwell Demands William Barr Resign: ‘He’s Embedded Deep Into the Trump Team’


California Congressman and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Eric Swalwell called on Attorney General William Barr to resign following the release of the Mueller report, saying the AG has “lost the credibility of the American people.”

On Thursday afternoon’s special edition of Andrea Mitchell Reports, MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace interviewed Swalwell about the just-released report.

“Congressman, your initial thoughts and reaction to what you are reading for the very first time from Robert Mueller’s 22 month investigation?” Wallace asked.

Swalwell said that Trump must now “acknowledge that Russia attacked us, and when you read through the multiplicity of contacts that are laid out, of Russians and the Trump campaign, Russians and the transition team, Russians and the administration, it’s clear that our democracy has been compromised, and this president needs to acknowledge that.”

“Second, Nicolle, the investigation lays out that the Trump team, the president himself, lied and obstructed in ways that impaired in a material fashion the investigation,” Swalwell continued. “So just because you may bury the evidence deep enough that we can’t find everything you did, we have recourse in the United States, which is obstruction of justice.”

“And this president is a double-digit obstructor, according to the Mueller report, in the number of ways he sought to obstruct justice,” he added.

“Which leads me, Nicolle, to Attorney General Barr,” Swalwell said. “You can be the attorney general of the United States and represent all of us, or you can represent Donald Trump. You can’t do both. And because Attorney General Barr wants to represent Donald Trump, I think he should resign.”

“You’re calling for the attorney general’s resignation today after what you saw?” Wallace asked.

“Yes, he’s lost the credibility of the American people, he is not recused from an investigation where he should be refused, he’s embedded deeply into the Trump team, and that affects the credibility that the attorney general must have,” Swalwell replied.

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.


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