Former DNC Comms Director Asks Baffled Panel Why We Still Talk About Clinton Emails

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 12.03.51 PMFBI Director James Comey let Hillary Clinton off the hook for “reckless” behavior when he chose not to bring charges against her for using a private email server. Everyone knows that. He made it clear it was not reasonable to charge her but that she had been reckless.

Clinton keeps saying that she was totally truthful with the public about the emails, their legality, and associated recklessness. When Brad Woodhouse, the former Communications Director of the DNC, was asked about this today on CNN, he became annoyed, asking the assembled panel to use some perspective and see how inconsequential the whole email thing is.

“We’re still talking about her choice of emails, how she wanted to communicate within the department when we have somebody on the other side who wants to nuke — you know — use nuclear weapons — ”

He was interrupted by John Berman, who asked him to speak directly about Clinton’s claims.

After Kate Bolduan jumped in a little later, asking why Clinton is even still answering questions about the emails so poorly. Woodhouse countered with, “Here’s my question: Why are you still asking her about it?”

Watch above to see everyone’s stunned reaction and hear Jackie Kucinich go, “What?”

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