WATCH: Fox News Panel on Delta-NRA Feud Derails as Guests Shout Over Each Other

When Delta Airlines announced that it would cut ties with the NRA, the Georgia legislature cracked down and stripped the company of a coveted tax break. Reactions to the move were mixed, as evidenced by the heated exchange between Lawrence Jones, editor-in-chief of Campus Reform, and former DNC communications director Brad Woodhouse on America’s Newsroom with Rick Leventhal.

“I don’t think [Delta is] removing themselves from the debate,” Jones said. “They are actually participating in the debate. We get that there was a tragedy that just happened, and many NRA members, we are mourning as well. A lot of NRA members were affected by what took place.”

“I think what these program legislators are doing, it’s like taking a brick and just pounding themselves in the head,” Woodhouse replied. “I mean, Delta employs the thousands of people in the state of Georgia. Atlanta is their headquarters. They provide millions of dollars in economic development, and taxes. How many people do we think the NRA employees in Georgia? Five? Five lobbyists?

“How many members do you think they represent?” Jones shot back.

“They are going to hurt their economy, they are going to hurt jobs,” Woodhouse reiterated. “And they are doing it for the narrow interests of the NRA.”

The three went on to discuss the potential role video games may have played in the epidemic of mass shootings, and the two guests agreed that video games were not the problem, but Woodhouse took offense when Jones laughed at his answer.

“Are you suggesting that mentally handicapped people should have access to guns, Lawrence?” he asked.

“There is no one on the right, or the NRA, who wants the mentally ill to get guns,” Jones said incredulously.

As the two began to yell, an enervated Leventhal simply said: “One thing is clear, we don’t accomplish anything when you are talking at the same time.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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