Ivanka Trump Tweets About Tooth Whitening and You Know What Happens Next


You know, Ivanka Trump isn’t really a political person. She’s a businesswoman first and foremost. Sure, she’ll make a speech or two for her father, who happens to be running for President and loves her dearly, but she maintains a lifestyle brand online and can’t afford to lose sight of that during this election.

Of course, she has been promoting her real job, which requires her to get clicks on her website to generate ad revenue. Look:

That links to her latest blog post, “Weekly Clicks: Beauty Food.” It is subtitled, “It (literally) starts from within.” It’s benign. It’s exactly what blogs are for. People love to click links and learn that they should eat more fruit. Some people, however, don’t think that Trump has the right to tweet about healthy foods and white teeth when her father is helming a controversial campaign for the highest office in the nation.

At least one of her family’s fans has her back, though…

…and checked the link only to learn that there was no dental hygiene-related content there.

Beyond that, the replies to a simple tweet about a blog post are pretty much all breathless complaints about her father with the occasional dash of arbitrary capitalization to add just the right amount of dramatic effect. Some of the replies are too rude to embed here, but you can probably imagine what they look like.

Some people just shouldn’t have Twitter.

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