Jimmy Kimmel Demolishes Devin Nunes: ‘The Toilet Paper Stuck to Trump’s Shoe’


Jimmy Kimmel delivered a brutal set mocking Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) over the congressman’s defamation lawsuit against McClatchy, calling Nunes a “sensitive little snowflake” who is “basically the toilet paper stuck to Trump’s shoe.”

Nunes is suing the publisher over a story that ran in The Fresno Bee that connected Nunes to a yacht party at which there were allegedly cocaine and prostitutes present.

On Tuesday night’s edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel introduced the story by noting that Nunes has “thinner skin than Donald Trump,” and that Nunes is “basically the toilet paper stuck to Trump’s shoe,” which is a thing that happened in front of the entire world.

“And in a delightful twist, as he was filing this lawsuit, as he announced it to separate himself from the cocaine and prostitutes, the hashtag #yachtcocaineprostitutes became the number one trending thing on Twitter,” Kimmel noted, then cautioned the audience not to use the hashtag #yachtcocaineprostitutes because “Devin Nunes is a very angry snowflake, so he will sue you.”

He then introduced a parody ad in which Nunes says “I was not at that party. In fact, I’ve never been invited to a party at all. Not just yacht parties, any parties. Bachelor parties, Christmas parties. My mom didn’t even invite me to my own 7th birthday, because she wanted to, quote, keep it small that year.”

“Rest assured that I spend my free time fighting for you, because no one wants to hang out with me,” the ad concluded.

Watch the clip above, via ABC.

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