Kimmel Mocks Trump as ‘Honey Glazed Ham’ After His Sweaty Piers Morgan Interview

Jimmy Kimmel brutally mocked Donald Trump as a “honey glazed ham” after the former president looked particularly sweaty during his interview with Piers Morgan.

Fox Nation released a preview of the interview this week, which showed Morgan bluntly telling a particularly sweaty Trump that he had lost the 2020 presidential election.

“Trump squatted down for what appears to be a contentious chat with Piers Morgan, who used to be his friend—he was as close to a friend as Donald Trump has, I guess,” Kimmel explained on Thursday night.

Kimmel went on to explain that Trump has claimed he enjoyed the interview and that “his words are being twisted to make it seem like he didn’t.”

“Piers Morgan says Trump got mad and Trump walked out of the interview, and he has video that seems to support that,” added the host.

Kimmel proceeded to air a fake promo for the interview, mimicking the British voiceover and dramatic music used in Morgan’s preview.

“President Trump has never been sweatier,” flashed on the screen during the promo, followed by: “He’s sopping wet and hopping mad,” “He’s like a pumpkin slathered in margarine,” and “History’s two greasiest men go head to head.”

The host went on to argue that “Trump has never been greasier or sweatier than he seemed like he was in that interview,” adding, “And it’s interesting, because he always spends so much time talking about his lies and the terrible things he does, we sometimes forget that his face looks like a glazed ham.”

Naturally, Kimmel went on to ask the audience to play a game called “Donald Trump or Honey Glazed Ham,” during which he asked viewers to guess if a zoomed-in picture was of Trump or of a honey glazed ham.

Watch above, via ABC.

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