S.E. Cupp: Trump’s Handling of the Saudis Amid Uproar Over Khashoggi is a ‘Grotesque Calculation’ of Human Life


In a lengthy segment on CNN Thursday on the topic of Jamal Khashoggi, CNN’s S.E. Cupp and Van Jones covered a lot of ground, and at one point discussed with host Ana Cabrera remarks by televangelist Pat Robertson weighing a journalist’s life against strategic interests.

Van Jones wrapped up his immediate prior point about the absurd explanations offered by Saudi Arabia today in the disappearance and presumed murder of Washington Post contributor Khashoggi, and that led in to Cabrera playing a clip of Pat Robertson in which he said that “you don’t blow up an international alliance over one person.”

Cabrera turned to Cupp for comment, saying it sounded like Robertson was saying money is more important than a man’s life.

“Oh he’s not hiding it,” said Cupp. “And President Trump has made the same kind of statement, grotesquely calculating the cost of human life. In this case it’s a hundred and ten billion dollars. That’s not what we’ve gotten, of course, that is the stated package.”

“That is a grotesque calculation to make,” she continued. “I will point out this administration is not the first to make it. It’s the first, really, to make it openly, and honestly, and as, sort of nakedly, as Trump has.”

Cupp also pointed out that prior administrations from both parties have had to weigh the costs to the United States of crossing Saudi Arabia in the past.

Following on that, Van Jones said he was “taken aback” to hear such a crass calculation of human life by a purported religious leader. He then said that the conservative evangelical community seems to have made an ends justifies the means mentality under Trump.

“Now they say, ‘ehhh, you know what if we get a good Supreme Court, some tax cuts, and a deal with the Saudis, screw all that stuff. Kill people, we don’t care about porn stars, porn stars don’t matter, adultery doesn’t matter,'” he said mocking the point of view. “‘hey we got a business to run here.’ That’s not a person of faith.”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of CNN.

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