Tucker Cuts Off Georgia State Rep. After Heated Clash on Guns: ‘Don’t Demagogue it With Me’


Tucker Carlson had Georgia state representative Erica Thomas on his show tonight for a debate on gun control, and like many Tucker Carlson debates, things went around in circles before they eventually crashed and burned.

After Carlson opened his show by snarking about the “self-righteous kids” who participated in last weekend’s March For Our Lives, the Fox host asked Thomas what would happen if there was ever a law allowing the government to confiscate assault weapons from law-abiding Americans. Thomas argued that gun violence declined decreased in tandem with gun legislation throughout history, though Carlson argued that statistics from the Department of Justice did not establish a correlation between the two.

Thomas argued that more recent numbers show an uptick in mass shooting events, and Carlson moved the conversation towards a piece of legislation Thomas supported which calls for the government to seize assault weapons from their owners.

“Are you worried that someone might get killed if law enforcement comes and says we are taking your gun away? What do you think would happen,” Carlson asked.

Carlson accused Thomas of avoiding his questions while she talked about how gun laws ought to be revisited. She also insisted that she doesn’t want to take guns away by force. Things kept heating up from there and Carlson eventually told Thomas “don’t demagogue it with me” when they reached a fever pitch.

The two moved onto the possible confiscation of handguns next, though the conversation continued to deteriorate. Eventually, Carlson declared “I give up” and cut Thomas off.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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