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WATCH: Paragliding Protester Causes Security Scare After Flying Within Feet of Trump

A paragliding protester created quite the scene in Scotland on Friday after he glided within feet of President Donald Trump.

Minutes after Trump arrived at Turnberry, where Trump is staying for the weekend, the glider motored past Trump trailing a sign reading: “Trump well below par #Resist.”

According to The Sun, the protester came within mere feet of Trump’s head.

“They were lucky not to be shot out the sky as the President’s elite snipers teamed their guns at the aerial threat from the roof above,” The Sun noted.

The paragliding protest comes on the same day as the much-touted Baby Trump blimp made its debut in London.

According to reports, the blimp is now being packed up and shipped off to Scotland where it is expected to fly near Turnberry over the weekend.

Trump previously told The Sun that the blimp flying in London made him feel “unwelcome.” So far, he has not commented on the paraglider publicly.  

Police are still looking for the paragliding protester.

Watch above, via The Sun.

[image via screengrab]

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