WATCH: Driver Launches ‘Disrespectful’ Passenger Into Manhattan Fountain


UPDATE: It appears that the man in question is a social media star who poses as an angry Uber driver ejecting people from his cab.

This crazy video was posted to Facebook last night, and it shows a man — identified as an Uber driver — throwing another man into a fountain in front of the Hilton Midtown in Manhattan. It was captured by a passerby.

“Fuck this shit! Don’t disrespect me like that,” shouts the man. “The fuck you think this shit is! You rich fuck!”

The person who caught the incident and posted it on Facebook, Kara Flagg, gave a backstory in the comments section.

“Ok so here’s the things you didn’t see leading up to this. The big dude was totally right for doing this,” she wrote. “He was a driver for the little guy. When he was in his truck he kept telling the little guy to stop disrespecting him in his vehicle. Politely and sternly.”

That warning went unheeded, apparently, and things escalated. “The little guy kept going and going with his mouth till the big guy got out and asked him to exit the vehicle. Once he got him out the little guy KEPT going and he very clearly warned to stop.”

The penultimate moment was apparently the launchee taking a shot at the driver.

“The little guy ended up smacking the big guy square in the face,” wrote Flagg. “And then the grab and toss occurred. He was warned.”

She gave her first-person witness account in the comments. “I called him a rag doll. His legs flapped in the wind. It was out of a cartoon,” she explained. “Well executed lol he kept running his mouth to the wrong dude. The big guy was his driver and was VERY respectful with telling him to STOP. He wouldn’t quit.”

“It was deserved,” said Flagg.

In the clip you hear “New York City. Ohhh god, New York City,” which is as good a summary as you can give.

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