A Family of Hungry Woodchucks Ate Paul Ryan’s Car

A group of hungry woodchucks decided to shack up in Rep. Paul Ryan‘s Chevy Suburban. It did not end well for the car.

Speaking to the Economic Club of Washington D.C., Ryan admitted that he left his car at his mom’s house when a group of squatting wildlife decided to move in.

NPR recounted Ryan’s tale.

“My car was eaten by animals,” Ryan said, to laughs from an audience at an event hosted by the Economic Club of Washington D.C. “It’s just dead.”

The car was parked at his mother’s house in his hometown in Wisconsin, and when she came back from her annual trip to Florida for the winter, it wouldn’t start. As a top congressional leader Ryan has a security detail and hasn’t been allowed to drive in three years.

“So I towed it into the dealer, they put it up, and they realized that a family of woodchucks lived in the underbody of my Suburban,” Ryan said.

Sans wiring, the car was not revived.

It is unclear what Ryan is planning to do to prevent further encampments,  however, he will have more time to tend to his vehicle in the coming days. He is not running for reelection.

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