WATCH: Press Conference Over Captured Escaped Convict Gets Bizarrely Sidetracked By Absurd ‘Little Rascals’ Question


Reporters had many questions at a news conference following the capture Danelo Cavalcante. But one was almost too bizarre to be put into words.

The Brazilian national who was in prison for murder was apprehended on Wednesday morning after a nearly-two week manhunt by authorities in Pennsylvania. Hours later, Pennsylvania State Police Lieutenant Colonel George Bivens held a press conference with other officials to explain how they arrested Cavalcante in Chester County with no shots fired.

After Bivens took questions on how Cavalcante will be processed before his return to prison, another reporter brought up the fugitive’s stature to ask… well, this:

“Was there any concern he would team up with another small man to step inside of a trench coat, Little Rascals-style?”

“No,” Bivens answered with a seemingly-bemused look on his face.

Here’s what the reporter was talking about if it helps you make any sense of what you just watched.

Watch above via Fox News.

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