Teen Orders Bong Online and Accidentally Lets Mom Watch Him Open Package [VIDEO]


It’s a classic story of boy meets bong. A teenager ordered this hulking piece of “tobacco” smoking paraphernalia online, but when the package arrived his extremely curious mother happened to be in the house. You can guess what happened next.

She demanded he open the package in front of her.

The above viral video — posted by a YouTube user called Avocado (h/t Reddit) — details this hilarious comedy of errors. The teen ridiculously pretends to have no idea what the contraption is, going as far as to say it was some kind of error, suggesting that he ordered an “Xbox controller.”

The clip was allegedly filmed by the teen’s brother, who put a running caption underneath the whole thing, stating “LMFAO when your brother orders a bong and your mom wants to see him open it.”

It is the mom, actually, who correctly identifies it as a bong, after the teen tries to bide his time, opening the package slowly and saying “it looks just like a big, plastic vase.”

Someone on YouTube actually filmed a response video, in which they ordered a bong and accidentally received an Xbox controller, using the teen’s mom-friendly catchphrase of “what the frick.”

Ah, to be young, and likely grounded, again.

Watch both videos above, via YouTube.

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