WATCH: Thailand Prime Minister Sprays Reporters Directly in the Face With Disinfectant to Avoid Answering Tough Questions


Thailand Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha concluded a press conference by spraying reporters with disinfectant after seemingly getting irritated by a question.

The incident took place as Prayut, a former army commander who seized power in the Thai military coup of 2014, held a press event in Bangkok. The Associated Press reports that Prayut was asked about a possible reshuffling of his cabinet, and he retorted by telling reporters to mind their own business.

Shortly after that, Prayut walked up to the front row of reporters, doused them with alcohol mist and then walked away. He ended up engaging with the press some more, but repeatedly kept spraying in their general direction:

Here’s another angle of the incident:

Watch above.

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