Alec Baldwin Mocks Melissa Harris-Perry Apology: ‘If I Cry, Will I Be Forgiven?’

Former MSNBC host Alec Baldwin showed why he is a former MSNBC host by mocking current MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry’s emotional apology for a New Year’s weekend segment about Mitt Romney’s grandson, Kieran Romney. Referencing his own firing over a pattern of homophobic comments, Baldwin tweeted, on Saturday, “If I cry, will I be forgiven all of my transgressions?”

The tweet was deleted, but not before it was widely retweeted, with mostly unsupportive commentary. The best one had to be this:

The point that Baldwin misses, of course, is that his various apologies were filled with denial and excuses, and had all the sincerity of a robocall from the DMV. That he chose to belittle Melissa Harris-Perry in the process demonstrates why he should never have been hired by the network in the first place.

While alleged liberals Alec Baldwin and Keith Olbermann used the episode as a chance to settle petty personal scores, former Governor Mitt Romney handled the apology with the grace he displayed in his concession speech (his 2012 concession, not his 2008 speech), and even seemed to be amused by Harris-Perry’s joke about Mitt Romney and Kanye West as in-laws, at least as it was recounted to him by Chris Wallace. It says something about egotism that Baldwin and Olbermann took the segment so personally, when even Governor Romney did not.

(h/t TRS)

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