Rupert Murdoch: Maybe Malaysian Airliner ‘Hidden’ in Pakistan, ‘Like Bin Laden’

Since Malaysian Airlines flight 370 disappeared one week ago, speculation has run rampant. Everyone from CNN experts to Rush Limbaugh seems to have a theory as to what happened. Add to that list News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch.

On Friday afternoon, the business mogul tweeted that perhaps the 777 liner didn’t crash, but instead, it was “hidden” in Northern Pakistan, similar to how Osama bin Laden effectively evaded detection for a decade.

The tweet:

Several minutes later, he suggested the mystery should remind the United States that it must work with the Chinese to take on the threat of Muslim extremism, even though there’s no proof the airline disappearance has anything to do with such a movement:

But we shall see.

[h/t Twitchy]
[Image via Twitter]

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