Colbert Defends Cheney from ‘Left-Wing Loon’ Megyn Kelly

Liberals have been rushing to praise Fox News’ Megyn Kelly for the way she confronted former Vice President Dick Cheney over his record on Iraq. So naturally, Stephen Colbert had to take Cheney’s side.

Colbert began his show Thursday night by celebrating the return of “The Iraq Pack,” who are “singing the same old tunes” you remember so well. The host agreed with Sen. John McCain and others, saying Iraq was fixed back in 2009 when we left it a “peaceful, smoldering democracy.”

He went on to applaud Cheney for crawling out from “under his undisclosed to rock” to “point an icy finger of truth at Barack Obama.” But, as Colbert pointed out, “the liberal media went right after him, especially left-wing loon Megyn Kelly.”

“It’s easy now to Monday morning-not invade Iraq,” Colbert explained, “but Dick Cheney remembers how it felt at the time so right.”

“It takes huevos racheros to blame the outcome of a war you started on the man who ended it,” he added. “In fact, I’d say those things he’s swinging may be balls of mass destruction. In which case, we have no choice but to invade Dick Cheney’s sack.”

As Arrested Development’s Barry Zuckercorn would say, “Those are balls.”

Watch video below, via Comedy Central:

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