Gun Advocate Larry Pratt Dismisses Background Checks: ‘We Are Wasting Our Time’

Gun Owners Of America Executive Director Larry Pratt told Fox News Sunday‘s Chris Wallace this week that he is opposed to background checks for gun owners because they are “false security.” He added that he believed it was a waste of time because “there’s really no way to spot these problems.”

Wallace noted that Pratt and the NRA and other gun rights groups “say the problem is not the weapons, it is the person who is firing the weapon.” But, Wallace asked, “what is wrong with universal background checks?”

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Pratt responded that “some of the most horrendous of the mass murders that have occurred recently” wouldn’t have been stopped by background checks, so we shouldn’t assume that it will be a “firewall” against these tragedies.

Wallace pushed him on the issue and added, “I don’t think anybody is saying that it is a firewall. But what is wrong with the idea?”

Pratt said “we are wasting our time” with background checks and the real problem, in his view, is that we have been “doing away with the gun-free zones.” He added that this creates a “magnet” to “those who would come and slaughter lots of people knowing no one will be legally able to defend themselves.”

Watch the full clip below, via Fox:

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