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Onion-Believing FIFA Official Snitches on Sepp Blatter in Weird TV Ad

That White House Fence Jumper Had How Many Weapons in His Car?!

Pentagon: Oops, We Sent Live Anthrax Samples to 51 Labs by Accident

Chris Matthews’ Wife Formally Announces Run for Congress

NYT: Bush May Be Breaking Law by Not Declaring Candidacy While Fundraising Like One

For First Time in Years, More People Like George W. Bush than Dislike Him

Huckabee Warns Against Florida Being Infested with New Yorkers and Their Liberalism

CBS’s James Corden Burns All the Fashion People While Hosting CFDA Awards

Chicken Lobbyists Launch PR Offensive Against John Oliver

FBI Reportedly Spying on You With Spy Planes Full of Fancy Equipment

Reporters Rebel Against Clinton Campaign’s Pointless ‘Background’ Information

Judge in Dennis Hastert Case Is a Former Donor

SCOTUS: Man Can Post Threatening Lyrics on Facebook if He Doesn’t Display Intent

Vanity Fair Debuts First Photos and Video of Caitlyn Jenner, Formerly Bruce Jenner

John Oliver Begs Corporate Sponsors to Rid FIFA of Its ‘Asshole’ President

Hastert Allegedly Paid to Conceal His Sexual Misconduct as High School Teacher

CNN’s Jake Tapper No Longer Moderating Panel at Clinton Global Initiative

Gay Hotelier Who Hosted Ted Cruz Meeting Also Donated $2,700 to His Campaign

This Unnerving C-SPAN Call to Dennis Hastert Makes His Indictment Quite Interesting

Plurality of Americans Identify as Pro-Choice for First Time in 7 Years

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