Lawrence O’Donnell Says Biden Chief of Staff Ron Klain Will Be ‘Restoration of Sanity’ After ‘Incompetent Buffoons’ in Trump White House


Lawrence O’Donnell hailed President-Elect Joe Biden’s selection of longtime aide Ron Klain to be his incoming White House chief of staff, a move that the MSNBC host likened to a “restoration of sanity” after four years of Trump administration incompetence.

Speaking on his show, Last Word, on Wednesday night, O’Donnell highlighted the announcement of Klain, who had previously served as then-Vice President Biden’s chief of staff, as well as the Obama administration’s Ebola outbreak coordinator. The news of the Klain pick earlier in the day had prompted an almost unheard of consensus among both the left and right in Washington, with progressive “Squad” member Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and conservative pundit Hugh Hewitt praising the move.

“The restoration of sanity is fully under way with the selection of Ron Klain as the next White House chief of staff,” O’Donnell said, opening up the discussion.

“I suppose I should be more careful with the word ‘next,'” the MSNBC host then snarked. “Because with 70 days left, Donald Trump still has time to fire his fourth White House chief of staff and perhaps a fifth and a sixth.”

Citing Klain’s deep White House experience, O’Donnell noted Klain will need less “on-the-job training” than any of his predecessors in what he called “he most difficult job in Washington.”

“It doesn’t mean he will be the best White House chief of staff we have ever seen,” the MSNBC conceded. “But it does mean that sanity is being restored to the White House because qualifications matter again.”

O’Donnell then went on to contrast Klain with Trump’s White House tenure, in which the president eventually pushed out his first three chiefs of staff. Or, as the MSNBC host put it: “Each of them unqualified for that position. Each of them disgraced themselves in that position by publicly lying for Donald Trump. Each of them was the worst possible White House chief of staff until the next one turned out to be even worse.”

“There is no Ron Klain in the Trump administration,” O’Donnell said, in conclusion. “There are incompetent buffoons whose highest hope is that they make it to Dancing with the Stars like [former White House Press Secretary] Sean Spicer did. There are corrupt profiteers like the president himself. And there are pathological liars like the president himself.”

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

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