WATCH: Biden Amps Up Adversarial Bromance With Fox News’ Peter Doocy By Firing Off Pithy Retort to Shouted Question


It may be too early to call this definitively, but the White House Press Corps’ breakout star under the week-old Biden Administration appears to be Fox News’ Peter Doocy.

The network’s newly-minted chief White House correspondent has thus far served as a leading voice of scrutiny amid a gaggle of reporters in the press corps — a number of whom are apparently under the spell of either Jen Psaki’s calming demeanor or President Joe Biden’s charm offensive. And as a result, Biden and Doocy appear to have something of a … budding bromance?

This thin line between love and hate was on full display following a Biden public appearance in which he provided a statement and signed executive actions on racial equity.

As he left the dais, Doocy shouted a question, “What did you talk to Vladimir Putin about?”

Not missing a beat, Biden showed a quick wit his detractors are loathe to admit and shot back “You!” As the assembled media gaggled, Biden added, “He sends his best.”

During a Monday press event, President Biden had called on selected reporters and was about to wrap, when he extended his Q&A period to respond to a question from Doocy.

“Wait, wait, wait,” Biden said. “I know he always asks me tough questions, and [they] always have an edge to them, but I like him anyway. So go ahead and ask the question.”

It is true that Doocy does ask tough question and often has an edge to them. But he is never rude in asking, and Biden appears to respect Doocy’s holding truth to power. The abiding by a social contract and mutual respect on display are worth noting in this bitterly divided time in which our nation finds itself.

Watch above via CNN.

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