Two Buffalo Cops Suspended, Charged With Assault After Viral Video Shows Them Shoving Elderly Man


Robert McCabe (left) and Aaron Torgalski (right), via Erie County District Attorney

The two Buffalo, New York police officers who were suspended for shoving an elderly man have now been charged with assault. Video of the incident went viral, and the subsequent suspension prompted a mass protest from their fellow officers.

Fifty-seven Buffalo police officers walked off the job in “solidarity” with the two officers who were suspended, resigning from their special unit. Those officers, members of the squad, can be seen in the video walking past the bleeding elderly man lying on the ground after he was violently shoved by the two who now face assault charges.

The video rocketed around the world, featured in news reports as well as online.

Erie County District Attorney John Flynn launched an investigation, and two officers, Aaron Torglaski and Robert McCabe, were suspended.

On Saturday, both men were charged and arraigned for second-degree assault, a felony. The two officers pleaded not guilty.

In a Saturday press conference, District Attorney Flynn said that they must address the issue of police who have “clearly crossed the line.”

“If I have any credibility as a public official, I need to be consistent,” said Flynn. “These officers violated the law. The facts are there. The charges are there. And that’s what they’re faced with.”

Watch above via the Erie County District Attorney’s office on Facebook.

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