Wall Street Titan Punches Teenager in Face at Special Needs Fundraiser

Report: Michael Savage Thrown to Floor by Man Shouting ‘Weiner, Weiner’

Football Player in Surveillance Video of Assault Set to Make Statement

Beauty Queen Behind Bars After Allegedly Beating a Guest Who Came to Her Party

Baylor Athletic Department Official Charged With Assaulting a Reporter

Trump Supporter Shoves Protester, Puts Him in Headlock During Rally

Ex-49er Alleged to Have Beaten 70-Year-Old Man Faces Seven Felony Charges

49ers Fullback Arrested, Accused of Punching 70-Year-Old Man (UPDATE)

New York Man Gets Punched Out Because ‘You Look Like Shia LaBeouf’

Protester Punched, Kicked by Trump Supporter at Arizona Rally

Hillary: I’m Distraught and ‘Appalled’ by Violence at Trump Events

Trump Rallygoer Who Assaulted Protester: ‘Next Time, We Might Have to Kill Him’

S.E. Cupp: Disgusting, Embarrassing That People Trying to Defend Violence at Trump Events

Two Teens Arrested for Attacking Marine Vet: ‘Asked Me If I Believe That Black Lives Mattered’

Christian Radio Host Charged With Assault After Busting into Ladies’ Bathroom to Slap a Woman’s Butt

Ex-NY Gov. Spitzer Being Investigated for Allegedly Choking a Woman

P. Diddy Arrested for Allegedly Assaulting UCLA Football Coach with Kettlebell

Justin Bieber Found Guilty of Assault in Canada

Subway Riders Reportedly Stopped NYPD Officer from Attacking MTA Employee

TV Anchor Punched in the Face by Someone Ranting About ‘Conspiracy’

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