Lou Dobbs Slams Republicans For Not Removing Amash From Oversight Committee: ‘Grow a Spine’


Fox Business host Lou Dobbs slammed Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) for calling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump as well as House Republicans for not sufficiently punishing the “rogue” lawmaker.

“You’ve heard me mention from time to time just how many sad sacks make up the Republican conference in the house in particular,” Dobbs began on his show tonight. “There’s no better example of late than Michigan libertarian Justin Amash who, thirsting for media attention, decided to claim the pitiful mantel of the first Republican to call for the impeachment of President Trump.”

“His thirst not slaked for attention, Amash slurred Attorney General William Barr in passing as well,” he added. “So what did the mighty, if not powerful Republican conference do about all of this in response to the rogue for his venial act and words? They did pretty much what they always do, very little.”

House Oversight Chair Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), who previously chaired the House Freedom Caucus of which Amash is a member of, condemned the Michigan lawmaker’s comments and described the reaction to his impeachment calls as “every single person… totally disagrees with what he says.”

“What are you doing?” Jordan added.

Dobbs was not satisfied with the Freedom Caucus’ rebuking of Amash.

“The caucus couldn’t find sufficient outrage to do more than condemn Amash, and despite calling the minority leader — again, in passing — a liar, Amash remains in the conference and still holds a seat on the House Oversight Committee,” he said. “Incredible — or it would be if I weren’t talking about the Republicans.

In a later segment, Dobbs said Republicans were spineless for failing to remove Amash from his assignment on the Oversight Committee.

“Amash in the Republican conference — sitting on the House Oversight Committee without any response from Kevin McCarthy… Without any response from Mark Meadows and the caucus — a condemnation,” Dobbs said. “When will the Republican Party grow a spine in the House of Representatives?”

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