Dominion Spox Confirms to MSNBC That Voting Company Has Drafted Letter for Trump Over Election Fraud Defamation


Dominion Voting Systems spokesperson Michael Steel offered a thorough rebuttal to former president’s “big lie” about its machines engaging in election fraud and confirmed his company had drafted a demand letter to Trump in case it pursues a lawsuit against him.

Steel, who was previously the chief press secretary for GOP House Speaker John Boehner, told Deadline: White House host Nicolle Wallace that those pushing conspiracy theories about Dominion “have attacked a great American company” and “undermined the American people’s confidence in the democratic system.”

Steel then walked viewers through a few examples from a Washington Post debunking of the false claims made by Trump and his legal advocates Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, both of whom have now been named as defendants in separate $1.3 billion defamation lawsuits.

“What do the folks inside the company think their prospects are for winning?” Wallace asked.

“Very good,” Steel replied. “I mean, we’re looking at serious charges. We have fairly conclusive — look at it this way. Rudy Giuliani went to every microphone available, every podium, every podcast, every cable news show, repeating these lies — but not in a court of law. That’s because lying in a court of law has consequences. That’s why we want to get them into a courtroom where there are consequences for lies and let the American people see the truth and our court system find justice.”

The MSNBC host then asked Steel if would appear on Fox News or Newsmax, cable networks that repeatedly hosted guests who pushed the conspiracies about Dominion.

“I actually have already appeared on Fox News as the spokesman for the company,” Steel noted. “This is an important thing. This is a nonpartisan American company. It sells to elections officials in red states and blue states, red counties and blue counties. Because it uses a voter verified paper ballot in places like Georgia, we have been able to go back and audit and recount again and again. There is no way that this system could have been manipulated in the way that these folks are alleging, and we have to prove that to the American people, repair our reputation, and move forward.”

“Will you sue Donald Trump?” Wallace pressed.

Steel didn’t directly answer, saying instead that it has sent demand letters to “number of figures, right-wing media outlets, and others, and we’re making a decision on a case by case basis, building as we go.”

“Has a letter been drafted to ask Donald Trump to preserve his records?” Wallace said, following up.

“I believe so, yes,” Steel said.

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

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