Rudy Giuliani: Mueller Questions Reveal ‘Desperate’ Attempt to ‘Trap’ Trump Into Perjury


Rudy Giuliani said leaked questions Special Counsel Robert Mueller reportedly hopes to ask President Donald Trump in a sit-down interview shows investigators are “desperate” and want to “trap” the president into committing perjury.

The attorney and former New York City mayor told Fox News in a phone interview on Wednesday that questions the New York Times published last week surrounding Mueller’s potential interview with Trump “almost cry out that they don’t have a case, they’re desperate.”

“Wasn’t this an investigation about Russian collusion?” He continued. “Well, they lost that one. Not true. So now they’re falling back to obstruction, which is not true either, and perjury, which is only true if you testify. And perjury can be in the mind’s eye of the prosecutor, it’s very dangerous.”

Giuliani’s comments reflect changing attitudes among the president’s legal team. White House lawyer Ty Cobb said on Wednesday morning that a meeting between Trump and Mueller wasn’t “off the table,” just hours before news broke of his departure from the federal post. Cobb will be replaced by Washington attorney Emmet Flood, who represented former President Bill Clinton during his impeachment trial.

For now, it remains unclear whether the president will, in fact, sit down with the Special Counsel. Giuliani said Wednesday that an interview “could have been worked out” before the questions were leaked, though the president could still meet with Mueller in the days ahead. However, he claimed attorneys could not “effectively prepare him over the next two to three weeks” for a deposition, due to Trump’s busy schedule surrounding North Korea and Iran.

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