Stephen Colbert Dissects ‘Chat Show Chum Bucket’ Piers Morgan’s Softball Trump Interview


CBS Late Show host Stephen Colbert mocked “chat show chum bucket and TV’s loudest pile of teeth” Piers Morgan for his supine, Good Morning Britain interview with President Donald Trump, which was chock full of softball questions when it wasn’t outright praising Trump or giving him a gift.

Colbert began by showing a clip from the interview, in which Morgan set incredibly low expectations for what constituted a successful meeting between Trump and foreign dignitaries. “You were usually if you don’t mind me saying well behaved, on best behavior, as if the Queen was somebody you warranted to show maximum respect,” Morgan observed.

“Its this how far we’ve sunk? We’re complimenting the president on being well behaved like he’s a dog?” Colbert mused over this line of not-really-questioning from Morgan. Then, as if miming praise for a pet, Colbert added: “Who’s a good president? Who’s a good president? Who is a good— yes, you are! Who is a good president? Who didn’t hump the queen’s leg. You didn’t! Not—at least not on camera.”

More Morgan obsequiousness: “You were not able to serve in Vietnam because of bone spurs, do you wish you would have been able to serve and would you have liked to?”

Not surprisingly, Trump said yes to this hanging curveball, despite his having made almost every effort to avoid joining the military during the Vietnam War era. But even this gimme couldn’t prevent Trump from offering up absurdities. “I was never a fan of that war. I will be honest with you. I thought it was a terrible war. I thought it was very far away,” Trump explained.

“Yes,” Colbert acknowledged, “That is what is horrible about war. The commute.”

“Morgan finished with the hardest hitting topic of all: hats,” Colbert continued, before showing another clip, in which Morgan presented Trump with the gift of a bowler hat from the same company that made them for former UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

“Then came what I believe was the interview’s finest moment,” the CBS host said, to video of Trump wearing a too-large hat pulled down to his ears.

“It doesn’t look great,” Colbert said, before alluding to another famous resident of London, Oscar Wilde. “It kind of looks like the secret portrait in Pharrell’s attic.”

Watch the video above, via CBS.

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