Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower Claims He Was Suspended By Facebook


Christopher Wylie, the 27-year-old whistleblower who recently revealed how the controversial firm Cambridge Analytica used harvested Facebook profiles for the 2016 presidential election, said he was suspended from the social media platform in a tweet on Saturday morning.

The data scientist blasted the social media platform on Twitter, posting a screenshot of a message he received from Facebook, indicating his account had been removed from the site.

“Suspended by @Facebook. For blowing the whistle. On something they have known for 2 years,” Wylie wrote.

Wylie claimed to have helped set up Cambridge Analytica by creating algorithms based off of data from tens of millions of Facebook users in a stunning interview with The Guardian. That interview, which directly contradicted denials from the company claiming never to have used Facebook data in its operations, arrived a day before Wylie was reportedly suspended from Facebook.

“We spent a million dollars harvesting tens of millions of Facebook profiles, and those profiles were used as the basis of the algorithms that became the foundation of Cambridge Analytica,” Wylie said Saturday. “The company was founded using Facebook data.”

Facebook released a statement slamming the company over its alleged inappropriate use of its data, barring Cambridge Analytica from the platform and vowing to “take legal action if necessary to hold them responsible and accountable for any unlawful behavior.”

Wylie also later said he was suspended from Instagram and WhatsApp. Speaking with The Guardian’s Carole Cadwalladar, the 27-year-old reportedly asked, “How am I going to curate my online identity?”

Watch The Guardian’s interview with Wylie above.

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