Conservatives Are Angry Because Bradley Cooper is Not Chris Kyle


Attention, conservatives: Bradley Cooper is not Chris Kyle. Glad we’re all clear on that.

Last night, Cooper attended the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday. He’s a well-known Democrat, and he’s given money to Hillary Clinton‘s campaign, and reportedly facilitated President Barack Obama‘s appearance on Zach Galifianakis‘s show Between Two Ferns. Another thing he did one time was play Chris Kyle in the movie American Sniper. Last night, some people got confused, apparently thought that this means he is Chris Kyle, and they were extremely surprised and disappointed to see Cooper in the audience last night. Because you know, you can’t play someone in a movie and then not exist as that person IRL.

The confusion prompted lots of people to take to Twitter and Facebook. Some former fans are even planning to boycott his movies. Here are the best Tweets:




And, Josh Gad for the win:

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