Bradley Cooper

Mediaite Appears to Inspire Ellen DeGeneres and Bradley Cooper to Create PSA For Their Tweet

Bradley Cooper is Working on an HBO Miniseries About ISIS

Conservatives Are Angry Because Bradley Cooper is Not Chris Kyle

Timeless Walters Active in Semi-Retirement; Calls Bradley Cooper ‘Screwable’ in Interview

Bradley Cooper Publicly Responds to American Sniper Critics

Howard Dean Calls American Sniper Audience ‘Very Angry Men’ — Empirical Data Proves Otherwise

Bradley Cooper Confirms: Obama’s Between Two Ferns Appearance Was My Idea

American Sniper’s Dad Threatened to ‘Unleash Hell’ on Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper Is Training for His Chef Movie by Going on Double Dates with Gordon Ramsay

Bradley Cooper Joined by 50 Shades of Grey Star in Upcoming Chef Film

The Five Piles on Bradley Cooper for Orchestrating Obama’s Between Two Ferns

Is Gordon Ramsay Teaching Bradley Cooper How To Cook For His Chef Movie?

Sony Sends Cease-And-Desist To Jon Favreau For Ripping Off Their Bradley Cooper Chef Flick

Chef Vs. Chef: Robert Downey Jr. Goes Up Against Bradley Cooper In Twin Food Movies

Last Call: This Is A Burger, And It Also Happens To Cost $100

Last Call: Bradley Cooper To Star As Yet Another Drug-Addled Chef

All Is Forgiven Between Anthony Bourdain And Bradley Cooper For Kitchen Confidential

Kitchen Confidential Episode 4 Recap: ‘Your Cuisine Is Caca!’

Kitchen Confidential, Episode 3: What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You A Bad Chef

A Look Back At Kitchen Confidential, The TV Series Starring Bradley Cooper

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