2020 Candidate Andrew Yang Brought to Tears By Question About Gun Deaths


2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang was moved to tears by a mother’s question about gun deaths, relating to her story about her daughter being killed by a stray bullet.

Yang went to hug the woman, who was asking how he would address unintentional shooting deaths.

“My beautiful 4-year-old daughter was struck by a stray bullet March 2011. My son, my daughter’s twin brother, witnessed what happened that day. She died two days later,” the woman said, asking Yang “as president, how would you address unintentional shootings by children?”

When Yang returned to the stage after hug, he broke down crying.

“I have a 6 and a 3-year-old boy … and I was imagining it was one of them who got shot and the other saw it,” Yang said. “I’m so sorry.”

Yang then composed himself, and talked about how he doesn’t get to see his family much because of his presidential campaign.

“That scene that she described, it was very very affecting,” he said.

Yang then went into a policy explanation about creating personalized guns.

“If we can convince Americans that personalized guns are a good idea, then again if a child gets ahold of a gun they can’t do anything with it,” Yang said. “One of my proposals is to actually help gun owners upgrade their guns to personalized guns free of charge.”

Returning to the woman, Yang said “your story should not be possible. I’m so sorry.”

Watch above, via NBC News.

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