Amash Primary Challenger Says Congressman ‘Has More in Common With Rashida Tlaib’ Than GOP Voters


On The Ingraham Angle, Rep. Justin Amash’s (R-MI) Republican primary challenger Jim Lower blasted the Congressman as having “more in common with [Democratic Rep.] Rashida Tlaib (D-MI)” than GOP voters in his district.

State Rep. Lower was hailed as a “pro-Trump” Republican on Laura Ingraham‘s Fox News show, while he blasted Amash’s impeachment stance and the Congressman’s subsequent defense of it on Monday.

“He doubled down on it today,” Lower explained. “He doubled down on the comment saying the Mueller report indicated [Trump] should be impeached. There is nobody besides Bob Mueller that would’ve liked to come out with that conclusion. Even he couldn’t come to that conclusion. It is completely ridiculous. At this point, Justin Amash has more in common with Rashida Tlaib than the average Republican primary voter in the district.”

Ingraham ran video of Amash dismissing Lower’s primary challenge as “not serious,” and claiming he was very confident in his chances for reelection. Lower, in turn, criticized Amash’s ineffectiveness in Congress and his lack of support for Trump’s immigration policies.

“So we will beat him on this issue but also on the fact that in 10 years in Congress, he’s gotten one bill passed and it was renaming a post office. Completely ineffective,” Lower said. “If you look, he’s the only Republican in Congress to vote against funding for the border wall and [he’s] very weak on immigration issues. Just basic pro-life issues too.”

Tlaib, among the most left-wing members of the House Democratic caucus, reached out to Amash after the libertarian Republican called for President Donald Trump‘s impeachment, asking Amash to join her impeachment resolution.

Watch  above, via Fox News.

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