Four Networks Cut Away as Trump Pushes Outright Falsehoods During WH Speech on State of 2020 Election


Four networks — ABC, CBS, NBC, and MSNBC — cut away from President Donald Trump’s campaign speech in the White House when he began pushed numerous outright falsehoods about the state of the 2020 election.

MSNBC broke in just moment after Trump falsely accused vague conspirators in the press of colluding to change the narrative and “everything just stopped” in his electoral momentum and said: “Frankly, we did win this election.”

Moments later, each of the four networks variously broke in to the event to begin fact-checking his false comments.

“We are reluctant to step in, but duty bound to point out when he says ‘we did win this election, we’ve already won,’ that’s not based in the facts at all,” MSNBC’s Brian Williams said as one example, breaking in to the president’s comments and then having election analyst Steve Kornacki explain how there are millions of votes to be counted in several swing states.

Minutes later, MSBNC panelists Joy Reid, Rachel Maddowand Nicolle Wallace slammed Trump for his unabashed attempt at undermining integrity in the nation’s elections.

“This looks like competitive race in which one of the candidates is so afraid of the ultimate tallying of the votes he’s pulled this Hee Haw laugh track move tonight,” Maddow said. “He literally said ‘we want all the voting to stop. We’ve already won it.'”

“But that’s not his position, here’s how we know — still can’t swear, even at 2:00 in the morning, BS,” Wallace pointing out the contradiction in his argument. “He wants them to keep counting in Arizona.”

“It’s straight-up autocratic malarkey, and what we have to do keep in mind is that he’s not the boss of the counting,” Wallace reiterated.

“And you cannot say it enough tonight, that Donald Trump’s words have no legal meaning,” Reid emphasized.

The president is a steward of the American electoral system, and he is trying to undermine it,” CBS News’ John Dickerson broke in to say.

CBS This Morning host Gayle King echoed his grave concern about Trump’s conspiracy-laden comments. “You know why this is so disturbing, the message that it sends to supporters, this is why people are boarding up the stores,” she explained. “Because he sends a message to his supporters that when the true count comes out, maybe it is in his favor, maybe not, but he has already planted the seed that this election has bee stolen from him. And that’s why this is such a dangerous thing.”

Watch the videos above, via MSNBC and CBS News.

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